Nose Enhancement

Nose Enhancement

Nose Enhancement

Also know as nose thread is made up of synthetic dissolvable material. These are then placed accurately and carefully to improve the contour of the nose. 

What you need to know

Almost immediately after the procedure. 

It will last approximately 12 months.

  • Consultations by Doctors to determine if suitable for the procedure.
  • Apply Numbing cream for 20-30 minutes
  • Further numb the puncture area (usually tip of the nose)
  • An average 4 to 6 threads will be inserted to contour the nose.

What we offer?

Dermal Fillers

Adds volume to shape the lips, reduce unwanted lines and helps retain moisture.


Can be used to reduce gummy smile and relax an overactive chin muscle to improve the appearance of the mouth area.

Thread Lift

Inserted with a small gauge needle, no incisions or cutting on the skin required. Perfect for mid-face cheek area, jawline and neck.

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