Skin Rejuvenation

Skin Rejuvenation

Restore and nourish your skin

We offer skin rejuvenation treatments that are both safe and effective. From exfoliation to deep nourishment, we help treat common problems, such as acne, pigmentation, sign of ageing and damaged skin. Our customised treatments will revive your skin from within, revealing a healthy, radiant glow.

What you need to know

Involves medical cosmetic treatments that will cause your skin to appear more youthful. Make you feel younger by improving the natural glow of your skin. 

It is not a surgical aesthetic procedures, it is a medical procedure and does carry some risk.

Depending on skin type, medical conditions, allergies and medications, some patients will be at increased risk for more severe complications. Therefore, proper consultation with medical doctor is important for a tailor-made treatment protocol.


What we offer?

Botulinum toxin

The most popular anti-aging treatment

Dermal fillers

Soft tissue fillers have revolutionised the treatment of wrinkles and volume loss.

Chemical peels

Treat wrinkles, superficial scarring, age spots and discolouration.


Design to cause tiny injuries on the skin that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.

Lase therapy

Effective for moderate and deep lines and wrinkles, and can improve skin tone, texture and tightness.

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